Simone Wierød is a Danish choreographer based in Copenhagen.

She works as an independent and self-producing artist and is supported by The Danish Art Foundation through working grants and project funding.

She graduated from Danceworks Berlin in 2014 and her work has so far be shown in 14 different countries in 4 continents. She received international recognition by winning an award at the 29th International Competition for Choreography in Hanover 2015 with her ironic and humoristic dance duet WWW. Lately she won the Dance Cinema Award at FROSTBITE International Film Festival with her dance film, SOLUS.

In her artistic work she focuses on the present and on society related themes. She uses her choreographic practice as a tool for understanding her surroundings and as a way of commenting and adressing current social and political topics.

She works from a conceptual base and uses a play with structures, kinetics, musicality and dynamics as an essential part of her work.

Currently she is touring SOLUS, which is her first dance film production.

Next project is a research at Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan, where she is chosen to take part in an artistic residency in autumn 2018.

Besides working as an independent artist, she is a board member at HAUT theatre and served as the Festival Manager for Young Choreographers – The Festival (DK) in 2017


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