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International touring activities with SOLUS

We are so happy for the warm response on SOLUS!

Within the first 5 months since the premiere SOLUS has been selected for art festivals and screenings at 12 festivals in 9 countries, as well as it won an award at FROSTBITE International Film Festival. We are very happy to present it to audiences in Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Romania, United States, Greece and Cyprus and can’t wait to reveal the further touring plan. Stay tuned 🙂

Ready for the premiere of SOLUS + 3 international screenings

We look forward to present the premiere of SOLUS at Young Choreographers – The Festival this Friday (see full program here:

We are also excited to announce two other screenings – at Stockholm Fringe Festival ( and Bucharest International Dance Film Competition (

We can’t wait to share this new work with you!!

Hope to see you in either Copenhagen, Stockholm or Bucharest 🙂

First rehearsals for new video work at Laboratoriescenen at Dansehallerne (DK)

The residency has started and we have had some very interesting rehearsals.

We will soon start the shootings and are very thankful for the generous sponsorships rom Filmgear, WHYRED and Wood Wood, which will be vital for the outcome.

Stay tuned for more updates and follow the process at either Instagram or Facebook


Residency at Laboratoriescenen

Happy to announce that we have been selected for a residency at Laboratoriescenen at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen, for the short movie production “One” – a collaboration between dance and video. Participating artists: Anna Stamp Møller (performance), Tim Panduro (video) and Simone Wierød (choreography).

More info to come…




Review of WWW in Singapore

Review by Yi-Sheng from FiveLines:

“brilliantly entertaining.”

“…their movement vocabulary ranges from twirling in unison to madcap wheelbarrowing of one another’s bodies across the stage.”

“Is there a message here? Possibly a criticism of the banality of mass media, the forced optimism of pop culture. But mainly, it’s fun.”

Read the full review here:

Release 5.0 Stage 2 | Review by Yi-Sheng

Review by Lee Mun Wai in The Straits Times:

“Danish choreographer Simone Wierod presented WWW, a rhythmically sensitive and slapstick dance performed to a carefully edited soundtrack of weather reports. The two dancers bounced energies off each other with impeccable timing.”

“I was suddenly very aware of the size of the world I live in.”

Read the full review here:

Going to Singapore with WWW

We are heading off to Singapore in only one week from now to be a part of RELEASE 5.0!!! We will perform WWW three nights in a row at Maya Dance Theater from the 10th-12th of March 2016. A big thanks goes to the Royal Danish Embassy in Singapore whose generous support made us able to go there.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Support from the Danish Art Foundation

Grateful and honored to have received support from the Danish Art Foundation to go learn, share, be inspired and develop my artistic expression in Israel over 30 days in the beginning of 2016. I thank ”Projektstøtteudvalget for Scenekunst, fonden for Inspirations- og udviklingsrejser for scenekunstnere” for the support and recognition.


Premier on “If” in Sarecha Village


The site specific solo performance, “If”, created during the Sowing Seeds Artist Village Residency premiered in Sarecha Village on the 1st of January 2016. It was performed for the local people from the village and surrounding areas as well as for the other international artists and an impressive press attendance.

I would like to thank Kaman Art Foundation and all the involved artists, locals and volunteers for the support.

Photo credit: Ahmed Helmy