SOLUS is a short dance film created from a questioning of striving; the striving to achieve and the striving to create the images and stories about ourselves that we want the world to see.

With a subtle and poetic approach, the choreography revolves around this theme and slowly unfolds more and more layers for the audience to interpret. All roles are performed by the same dancer, which serves as an experiment on synchronicity and being alike as well as it serves as a subtle and symbolic comment on our time.

SOLUS has been screened at following festivals:

  • Athens Video Dance Project (Athens, Greece, 20.01.2018)
  • Festival Nordique (Paris, France, 16-27.01.2018)
  • Dansehallerne, Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Copenhagen, Denmark, 07.01.2018)
  • Stockholm Dansfilmfestival (Stockholm, Sweden, 10.12.2017)
  • Buffer Fringe IV (Nicosia, Cyprus, 11.11.2017)
  • FROSTBITE International Film Festival (Colorado, US, 18.10.2017)
  • POOL17 (Berlin, Germany, 05.10.2017)
  • Bergen Fringe Festival (Bergen, Norway, 11.09.2017, 12.09.2017 and 13.09.2017)
  • Stockholm Fringe Festival (Stockholm, Sweden, 10.09.2017)
  • Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (Bucharest, Romania, 09.09.2017)
  • Young Choreographers – The Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark, 01.09.2017 and 02.09.2017)


SOLUS won the Dance Cinema Award at FROSTBITE International Film Festival in October 2017


IF is a site specific solo performance created during the Sowing Seeds Artist Village Residency organized and curated by Kaman Art Foundation. It took place in Sarecha, a village of 200 people in rural Rajasthan in India and the call for the residency was to create art that interacted with the locals.

IF is created from a base of interviews with local girls and women in their regional dialect of Hindi, asking them how their future would look if they could decide for themselves, if they were not to be married off, if there were no limitations and no one making decisions for their life.

The result is a sound landscape created from extracts of these interviews in a poem-like structure and choreography and gestures created for each word in it’s sound, structure and meaning. The piece was performed at a local field with the desert as a backdrop, the sun set as a natural light setting and an audience of international and Indian artist, locals from Sarecha and surrounding villages and an impressive press attendance.BeFunky Collage12

Choreography and research: Simone Wierød // Performance: Simone Wierød // Participating locals: Sumitra, Santosh, Manisha, Indira, Sheetdal and Keli Choudhary // Translation: Nrupa Soman // Facilitation: Kaman Art Foundation, Sowing Seeds Artist Village Residency 2015-16


WWW is a short dance duet inspired from the human condition of trying to predict, analyze, understand and control our surroundings, and how this is presented in news media of today.

The piece is structured as an abstract and surreal weather forecast and serves as an ironic and humoristic comment on Western media.

WWW won the Critic’s Award at the 29th International Competition for Choreographers in Hanover 2015 and has been performed in Europe and Asia through 2015-2016.

BeFunky Collage13

The piece has to this date been performed in following venues:

  • RELEASE 5.0, Maya Dance Theatre, Singapore (10.03.2016, 11.03.2016 and 12.03.2016)
  • Åbent Laboratorium, Åben Dans, Roskilde, Denmark (24.11.2015
  • Highs&Lows Festival, 4bid Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland (18.11.2015)
  • SoloDuo Tanzfestival, Cologne, Germany (09.10.2015)
  • Essero Creativo at Hangartfest, Pesaro, Italy (26.09.2015)
  • Young Choreographers The Festival, HAUT scene, Copenhagen, Denmark (26.08.2015 and 27.08.2015)
  • 29th International Competition for Choreographers, Hanover, Germany (26.06.2015)
  • “10 times 6”, ada studios, Berlin, Germany (09.05.2015 and 10.05.2015)
  • Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin, Germany (9.02.2015)

Choreography: Simone Wierød Dancers: Simone Wierød and Thomas Rohe (female role performed by Anna Stamp Møller at Theaterhaus Mitte) // Music editing:  Simone Wierød

How to begin?

“How to begin?” from 2014 is a short dance piece with seven dancers.

The piece is inspired from handwriting and its forms, shapes, sounds and rhythms. It deals with the process of writing and the thoughts and emotions the process of expressing includes, which might differ from the process of writing a text message or an email the way we do most often today.

The music is created from recordings of handwriting and every movement is choreographed to the sound, shape or dynamic of each letter.


The piece has to this date been performed in following venues:

  • HAU3 Berlin, February 2015
  • Admiralspalast Berlin, July 2014
  • Footprints Dance Festival, London, May 2014

Music: Simone Wierød

Cast: Anna Stamp Møller, Christina Dyekjær, Shinsetseg Gunbileg, Liis Pokinen, Susanna Ylikoski, Anna Luna Holmberg, Juliane Bauer


Rarama (Fijian for “light“ or “power“) was created for VOU Dance Company during a choreographic residency in Fiji.

The inspiration for this piece was related to the meeting with the Fijian term “Mana” – the inner force and spirituality needed to perform their traditional dance, Meke, in the villages, which is of big importance for the culture, identity and self-definition for many Fijians.

The piece was premiered for a sold out audience in Suva Civic Center with 450 seats.

Choreography: Simone Wierød // Dancers: VOU Dance Company // Music: Simone Wierød



“SNE” (Danish for „snow“) was created for VOU Dance Company during the choreographic residency in Fiji. The piece was a way to bring something from the northern culture into the Fijian culture, where winter simply does not exist, why a phenomenon like snow has something very mysterious and magical about it to most Fijians.

The piece premiered at a sold out performance at Suva Civic Center, Suva, Fiji in December 2014.

Choreography: Simone Wierød // Dancers: VOU Dance Company

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